Enters, Warwick Schiller

I told you in the introduction post of this blog, how Stacy Westfall had been instrumental in me deciding out of the blue to rehome my pretty well trained horse, and go on a limb to buy a very little touched, not even 2 yr old, stallion (pretty crazy, if you come to think about it). Stacy’s videos series sponsored by Weaver Leather really were an eye opener and a desire generator for me to get into that weird challenge of starting my very own horse from scratch, me who’s an average rider at best, with zero competitive record, and no starting experience, whatsoever.

Stacy is a pretty amazingly good horsewoman, and she also happens to be a super nice person. She used to run a blog with pretty good regularity, and she hosted questions (and even pictures) from me a few times. She would also keep in touch via her Facebook page. Although I never had the pleasure to meet her in person, I feel we live in the same, real world, and she’s reachable, if need be. Another horse professional falls in that category. I discovered him thanks to a friend of mine, Sara, who lives in Colorado, and who’s become a “training buddy” of mine (more on that concept later) with our respective previous horses, Joli and Joe. Sara once sent me a link to a Youtube video feature a short, cowboy hatted guy with a strong Aussie accent. I watched this link… and was immediately hooked, as I had been with Stacy’s videos. The short Aussie cowboy is Warwick Schiller (pronounce “Warrick”), and he’s fast becoming one of the most in demand clinicians in horsemanship today. There’s a good reason to that. He’s excellent, experienced, to the point, has great teaching skills, and moreover, is crackingly funny.

Watch this video to find out !

Besides being a really good reining rider and trainer, Warwick, with the help of his wife Robyn, and son Tyler, have put together an amazingly exhaustive video library of real life sessions with real horses, real problems and, you guessed it, real solutions. That was the ultimate push I need to jump and live my dream of starting my own colt. Warwick is extremely active and supportive on his Facebook group, which meant I’d never truly be left to my own devices working with my youngster.


Armed with “knowledge”, and virtual coaching, I felt ready to tackle that challenge. Stay tuned for the “cast of character” 😉


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