Welcome to My very own Jac !

Being a photographer (soon to run out of business, but that’s an altogether different story), I’ve run a photo blog for a number of years (me being me, it contains its fair share of horses, and the curious among you may have a peep here), but recently my focus (pun not intended) changed nearly entirely to horses, and despite the lack of energy I’ve had to maintain the photo page, I’m feeling I could find some to start and run a horsey thing. So here’s my attempt at it : My very own Jac, positive equestrian thinking from an everlasting beginner. I bet you think “Who’s Jac !?”. That’s Jacs Electric Whiz, the “project pony” Stacy Westfall and her sponsor Weaver Leather chose to make a video diary about how Stacy starts and builds a reining horse, from the ground up. Stacy has been made worldly famous by her winning the 2006 freestyle reining class at the AQHA Congress, in a spine chilling bareback and bridleless stunt on her mare Whizards Baby Doll, also known as “Roxy”. The whole series was made available free of charge by Weaver Leather, and the first episode can be found here. For anyone who hasn’t seen it, I strongly recommend that you do, but get ready to be hooked and spend the next few days unable to pull off, and watching the whole thing ! Jac now has his own very successful reining career as a reining horse, and I believe the amazingly solid foundation Stacy put on him is they key to this success. As a side (but significant) note, Jac is no other than Roxy’s son…


If you watch the header to this blog, it’ll become clear why I named the page after Stacy’s horse. Both projects started with 2yr old, not much handled, sorrel stud colts gifted with pretty little heads and massive behinds. The analogy stops here. Stacy is a superbly experienced and very gifted professional horsewoman, I’m a middle aged backyard owner who feels (and most of the time behaves) as an everlasting beginner. But it was really Stacy’s video diary that encouraged me to try this venture, to believe that, if I broke down the process in enough baby steps, even the very average rider (at best) that I am, could take up this challenge of starting a very young and not much educated young horse, and turn it into a decently well rounded equine citizen. So this blog will be the report of our progress, ups, downs, and also a look back on the previous horses I’ve been gifted to spend time with and learn from.



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