The cast of characters : the human (a.k.a. Claire)

Yup, that’d be me.

ClairePirouetteSept14-01Pirouette the bolting, bucking pony that made it to the front page of Stacy Westfall’s blog !

Rode donkeys daily around age 2. Ponies regulardly from age 4. Started formal training, on full blown horses, at age 9. And, against all odds, “fell into” the Western way of riding, at 12. Got away from horses from age 20 to 40, like many, many of us mothers, working girls, and housewifes alone (and I am or have been all three of those). “Fell back” into it, around 40, with my first fully owned horse. Developed a passion for horsemanship techniques, and here I am. Currently unemployed, tyring (and failing) to make a living as equestrian photographer. And before all, neverending student of the Horse.

In 2011 I bought a 3 yr old filly (unseen, this is getting to be a habit !). She was broke to ride, but extremely green, and I don’t know what happened during her “start”, but she had an unbudging anxiety of ridden work, and more particularly arena work.

UtopieNew22PMFound out later that she was in intense dental pain. The wolf’s teeth were taken care of, but the anxiety never quite left. Of course I only kept her 9 months before she had to be rehomed in a panic, the boarding place where she stayed closing on super short notice, and various life struggles happening at once. I placed her in a trail operation where she packed the more capable riders. She turned into an amazing trail horse, until one of the regular customers fell in love with her, and bought her 🙂

Has13Juin14-33Pirouette the mini Andalusian would have needed Warwick’s “plan” to be an good equine citizen. Unfortunately I had neither the time nor the knowledge to tackle her education, and after a few ugly wrecks with my daughter, she was promptly sold. Poor kid stayed away from anything equine for 10 months, and another 6 to feel comfortable riding again. Thank God she’s now back in the saddle and enjoying it very much.

Joli08Sept15-03PMMy buddy Joli, shortly before he went to live his lifelong dream of being a trail horse (by the way I’m not about to fall off, lol, I’m just petting his bum, hence the crooked seat)

So that’s it for the human part of this equation. The cast of characters is in place, the play may start. Stay tuned !


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