Bye bye nuts

Dandy11Mar16Dandy mud covered, and still a stallion

One week from purchase day. Dandy and I have gotten into a routine of working nearly daily. He’s made great progress with the personal space concept, and tries to stay out of mine most of the time. However, leading him from A to B still represent a life hazard, as any sight, sound of smell of another horse causes him to have a melt down. Add another horse, how ever faraway, to the equation, and I’m back to trying to survive with a dragon breathing fire down my neck.

One particular morning I get to the barn, and run into my friend Jean-Michel, accomplished horseman and Quarter-Horse breeders for many years, who runs the place. Before he can give me the good-day kisses us French pop on each other upon greeting, he asks “Are you gonna have him gelded soon ?”. Oops, I conclude someone has been bad.

Dandy15Mar16-02In fact, after spending a few nights in a stall to get “settled”, time had come to put Dandy lose in a pasture (which is my board arrangement, as 1) it’s cheaper and I couldn’t afford to pay for the barn anyway, and 2) I am a firm believer in horses living outdoor, I don’t think God designed them to be stocked in little boxes). But we didn’t want him to be alone, so Jean-Michel set him free with another stud colt his age, Captain, in the big cover arena, so they could get acquainted, and possibly be pastured together, if all went well. I wasn’t there when it happened, but I got the detailed report, and it was a colorful one. Basically Dandy mopped the floor with Captain… His studdy attitude was also hindering his learning in a big way. Every time he was working hard to focus and be good, seeing or smelling or even just hearing another horse would upset him, the snorting would start and his mind was literally gone. Frustrating for both of us. Having a great conformation and a very decent pedigree, keeping him intact was indeed tempting. But faced with this ultra studish behavior at 22 months of age was concerning for the future. How bad would it get by 3, then 4, then 5, etc ? How out of control would it become when spring would actually come with the smells, mares in heat, growing fillies, other studs, and all the breeding oriented activity on the farm ?? So the decision was made, along with a vet appointment for a few days later.

Dandy22Mar16-01Already sedated from the look on his face

Dandy22Mar16-02Given the anaesthetics

Dandy22Mar16-03In place once nuts removed

Dandy22Mar16-05As it turned out, when the vet opened the scrotum and pulled the testicles out to put clamps on the chords, those were so big he had a hell of a time performing the surgery. I asked if that could have anything to do with being so early in physical maturity, and so stud like in behavior, and the vet’s answer was yes. To him, the genital organs were that of a 4 yr old, not of a colt hardly pushing 2… With much difficulty, the chords were clamped, and the nuts removed.

Dandy22Mar16-04A very bloody and very groggy new gelding…

Dandy23Mar16-01The vet stayed to tape the tail and until Dandy could stand properly. When he started munching on his hay I was content he was out of trouble and left him to rest.

Vet recommandations, along with a bunch of medication to take daily, was 7 days of strict stall rest with two walks and showering of the wound per day, starting on Day 2. I had worked at introducing Dandy to the shower and he’d be accustomed to the stall a few days prior. The second week was supposed to potentially allow for paddock outtings during the day, depending on the healing process. He’d be allowed to go back to work after two full weeks of rest. Of course, that was in theory. Stay tuned for what happened for real 😉


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