Training goes in cycles

Stacy Westfall has written much about training in cycles, usually going up, peaking, them going back down, before starting a new cycle. My mentor Daniel Dauphin advises me along the same lines. Stacy’s husband, Jesse, has a pretty wise saying, too. I can’t remember it precisely but it goes something like “When a horse is wearing you up it’s probably time to work them out”, or close, anyway. For a couple of sessions Dandy has left the “perfect colt” mode, and entered a “thinking about challenging you” mode. I do like the perfect colt better, lol. But horse training would probably be a little boring if they didn’t put some debate in it at times, so we are now ready for an upward training cycle. Training a little longer and a little harder, until he comes back to a “What can I do for you today” attitude.

Dandy19Jun16-02Pawing while tied up is one of many small elements that tell me he’s feeling antsy

So tomorrow we’re going to try getting him a little busier, and see how that fits him. We’re now mostly working on refined steering, going from point to point, getting a proper bend in turns, and introducing the bak-up (which includes some softening to the bit and vertical flexion). We’re also still walking around the farm after our work, and doing a bit of a “50 foot trail ride” every day.

Dandy19Jun16-01Stay tuned to find out what’s next !


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