MyveryownJac in action

Second ride back from our beach vacation. No buck after saddling this time, circled nicely around me at all gaits. Not bad to bridle (though I should still put more time into that). Our forward still  lacks, but no buck under saddle either today. I’m sad to report that the nice inside bend I had installed with much difficulty before our vacation  isn’t nearly as good as it once was. Bummer. Yes, we’re gonna work on it and it’ll come back, but it’s still a bitch since it wasn’t easy to get in the first place…

I didn’t want to pick a fight with him, but I needed to focus his attention one way or the other, so I thought since he wasn’t in a proper mood to work at gymnastics, I’d use the time to desensitize him and engage his mind at the same time. So tarp work it was !! I picked the tarp from the fence while still in the saddle, with no concern from him. We dragged it along on both sides of his body, at all three gaits. More than once he stepped on it and snatched it free from me. I just hopped off, grabbed the tarp again, and hopped back on. One time he got a little tangled in it, but he didn’t panic at all, and I loved it 🙂 Finally I threw the tarp over his withers and filmed this little clip. After I unsaddled him I was able to pick and handle all four of his feet properly for the first time, yeah ! To celebrate, I made an appointment with my first rate farrier.

Dandy29Jul16-03Crazy face

Dandy29Jul16-02Good looking butt

The big wheat field across the barn (and part of the same farm) has been reaped, the straw is cut short. The barn owner, a friend, has said we’re welcome to ride in it, and boy are we going to ! I took Dandy for a pre-ride visit, and it looked like THIS. Today he just chewed on some straw, but next time we’re gonna have a blast riding through it.

Dandy29Jul16-01Stay tuned for the report !



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