Second post vacation session for Dandy and I. To my great relief, it’s getting better, at last !

Dandy22Aug16-012nd day applying Olivier Van Den Berg’s lungeing strategy. So forward is clear and consistent. Steering is slowly getting better and more refined. And, to follow Daniel Dauphin’s suggestion, I also revisited softening and bending, and it’s partially back, too !

Dandy22Aug16-02Icing on the cake, about all the adverserial attitude has vanished !

I was finally able to use legs, and even spurs, and not elicit a buck or head swirling. Phew, talk about a relief. We worked on steering, softening, bending, opening and closing the arena gate (at which we’re slowly getting nicely handy), and even took a ride outside, which was cut short by being literally assaulted by insects… After the ride he was quiet and patient and mellow. Feels good to have my colt back !


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