The heat, ugh ! (and we’re having a coached training session tomorrow…)

The weather has been wickedly hot for over a week. My whole family (my hubby, our baby and I) retreat at night in the only air conditionned room of the house AND leave an extra fan on, for when the portable cooling unit runs out of water around dawn. Dawn which doesn’t bring any cool or fresher air, whatsoever.

Obviously, horses suffer from the heat too. However, Dandy has been a very cooperative little horse ever since I’ve been back from our one week break. I’ve ridden him 2 days in a row, then every other day, and he’s done fine. No more bucking, sulling or bowing up, just being the nice colt we’ve learned to know, and love. Today was a little special, my pushing 8 yr old daughter came along with me, and once I was done working I clipped my leadrope back on and Dandy gave her some circles at the trot and…. wait for it… the lope ! in both directions. My girl canters poneys at her riding school routinely, but it was her first time sitting the lope on a fullsize horse (and Mama’s handsome recently broken colt, too !)

Dandy26Aug16-05Though the horse looks unsure about how he should feel about it, the expression on my baby’s face is priceless. Pure joy ❤

Dandy26Aug16-06She looks so tiny and lost in my big Western saddle

Dandy26Aug16-03It’s good those two get together well because I hope she’ll share him with me and might want to compete in a few years (by then she’ll be older, more skilled, and he’ll be grown up and “kid broke”, all things going well…

Dandy26Aug16-04Tomorrow we get another shot at a coaching session with Olivier Van Den Berg. Not too excited about 2 hours of hard work by 36°C, but still impatient to learn from this fantastic horseman ! A number of riders and their horses will attend, which should make things “interesting” for us. Though finally, 5 months post gelding, Dandy has calmed down a lot in the presence of other horses.

Dandy26Aug16-02I can’t get over how cute and handsome this boy is…


Dandy26Aug16-01I kept telling her he could break her nose by accident (or worse) but she wouldn’t leave without giving him a kiss. So she did


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