2nd session with the Flying Dutchman

Olivier Van Den Berg gave another of his great reining coaching sessions at our barn on Saturday, so Dandy had his second meeting with him. Dandy27Aug16-01Here he is, getting ready for his lesson

The weather was plain sub-Saharian so horses and riders worked up a good sweat. Dandy first got a taste of what state of the art lungeing *should* look like. I was able to see how “big” and firm one needs to go to convince the horse of their request’s validity sometimes. Olivier made an impressive exhibition of his whip cracking ability, and the colt discovered what a serious “Go” means. Later I got on, and save for a little disagreement we had about making beelines for a mare from the previous working group (that ended up with a buck and a few seconds of wrestling) Dandy just gave his best try at everything. We worked on forward, steering, bending, stopping, backing up, and the beginning of the turnaround. Here is a video of the steering HERE. And the bending can be seen HERE. A few captures of the day :


Dandy27Aug16-05With the Master 😉



Today (after he got a day off) I went to work with Dandy and he was just amazing. Got to try a Bob’s custom saddle, that’s pretty cool, too 🙂 Way oversized for him and slid a bit back, but overall super comfortable.

Dandy29Aug16-01We’re now on our “every other day” scheme, so next session on Wed. Stay tuned 😉


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