Reining clinic : a few more pics, and an update

I found a few more pictures of the last training session we had a week ago with Olivier Van Den Berg. I rode Dandy and Olivier schooled him, as shown in the following :





Dandy27Aug16-12You can see pressure/release pretty well in that series. “Pushing” the horse into its face until he raises his back and relaxes his neck (and mind !).

Dandy27Aug16-09Then I just tried to reproduce the process



Dandy27Aug16-11PMI like this picture, lots of focused work from both of us

Since this session, Dandy has been very good minded. I have switched from tacking him up ground-tied in the arena, to the cross ties inside the barn aisle, with minimum fuss and drama. He does paw mildly at first, but nothing being busy with a sugarcube couldn’t cure (for the record, I’m very much *against* handfeeding treats to horses and this colt has never had treats from me unless there was a very definite training purpose behind it, like occasionally to help bridling, which I found to be a very smart and effective way to turn a bit shy horse into one that bridles enthusiastically).

Dandy31Aug16-04The former “tacking up” spot, untied (the rope is just laid over the fence) in the arena. No more. As you can see, we now have a mild underweight issue. Between gelding, growing up, 4 days a week schooling, and the massive heat we’ve suffered lately, Dandy has lost quite a bunch of weight. He now has an extra daily meal to try to make up for it…

Dandy02Sept16-01He’s not skinny, thank God, but he used to be quite chunkier than this

Dandy02Sept16-03After our last ride. A new saddle is in order. Stay tuned to see it 😉


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