A gate and a kid – 2 short clips

Dandy has lost a bunch of weight recently, so his board owners and myself have set out on a mission to make him gain it back. He went from 2 meals a day to 3 for the past week. Today when I picked him up from his pasture, I *thought* he might look a tiny bit better. Wishful thinking ?

dandy07sept16-02My pushing 8 yr old daughter came with me to the stables. She helped me by shooting a little clip of us working the arena gate on horseback, then I shot a video of her loping on Dandy (on the leadline). Then we swapped taking pictures of each other on and around the horse.


dandy07sept16-04pmThe little rider after she loped a few laps, which you can see HERE



dandy07sept16-05And you can see Dandy and I working the gate HERE.

I think it’s pretty obvious from our big smiles how this little horse makes us both feel…




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