The new (to me… well, not quite) saddle is here

Wait. How confusing a title is that ?! Waddya mean, new to me, but not so, bla ?? Ok, I got a new saddle. Or rather, a used saddle, which is why it’s (only) new TO ME. But then, not quite. Oh, will you stop it !!? Ok, ok, just being silly, I’ve owned this very same brand and model of saddle before, so while this (used) unit is new *to me*, the look, fit and feel is not new, we’ve tried it before. Clearer now ??

dandy09sept16-01Dandy on Sept 9th, 2016

Dandy09Avr16-02Dandy on April 9th, 2016

Wow, look, five months, day for day, between those two pics. As you can see, same horse, exact same place, and even same saddle model (and size). Tiny difference : the upper picture features a 15.5″ seat, the bottom one a 16″. That’s half an inch and in practice it really doesn’t feel like much. Those Continental Equiflex saddles do measure “large” anyway. The 16″ in the bottom pic really felt like a 16.5 or 17″, which is why I was thrilled to find a 15.5″ for its replacement (which, logically, feels like a regular 16). Of course, the color difference of the saddles is far from being the most different element between those pics. Boy, the horse has changed ! I think he’d *just* had his VERY FIRST ride in the bottom pic, slightly over a month after I purchased him, wild and bratty and knowing next to nothing, and the upper picture is my boy after our morning ride today, relaxed, polite and content about life and being a saddlehorse (no pun). Now let’s have a look at all the 9th of the months in between, shall we ?

Dandy09mai16May 9th : still very much the baby, getting the hang of things and learning life

Dandy09Jun16-03June 9th : way more relaxed and familiar with his new status

dandy08jul16-01July 8th (I didn’t ride on the 9th !!)

Dandy09Aug16-01Aug 9th : more developed, more advanced, more “broke”

dandy09sept16-02And finally Sept 9th, 2016. A work in progress, but doing well in most areas, his weakest link… is me 😉

Saddle wise, this one sports a flexible tree. I’ve own one before (see above) and loved it, only parted with it to get some cashflow, and have missed it ever since. A lot of folks diss Equiflex trees, and a lot of people swear by them, so it’s really a matter of personal preference. I buy and try a shitload of saddles, good ones too, and I have to admit this one’s comfort is one notch above the rest. Since it also fits Dandy very well for now, I’ll try to beat the saddle buying compulsion and stay with this one until he’s ready for something wider. Wish me luck !


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