Playing for keeps

Troubled times for MyveryownJac. My husband is not into horses. As a matter of fact, he absolutely dislikes horses, hates horsey people and thinks the whole thing is just a vast waste of time and money. He sees with a very bad eye any horse related venture. Needless to say it’s a major motive of disagreement between us. To make it worse, it’s about our only cause for trouble. We otherwise have a pretty unlikely peaceful and happy marriage. Today’s quarrel was pretty much the straw that broke the camel’s back. I’m miserable when I can’t get to see my horse, but I’m even way more miserable when my husband treats me harshly, which happened today. If that means I have to part with my lifelong dream of owning and working a registered and beautiful and talented registered American breed horse, well, let it be.

dandy27sept16-03So Dandy is threading through *very* muddy waters right now, tempted as I am to just call it quits and advertising for sale

dandy27sept16-02It’s hard when you’ve worked this hard to bond with an animal, and succeeded, too. It’s not me I’m concerned with, I’ve been heartbroken before, I’ll live. But finding the proper buyer for him, making sure someone will respect him as much as I have, that is the hard part. The scary part. And what if he finds a good family but those folks at some point hit rough times, and part with him, too. What then ?

dandy27sept16-01He’s my boy, my guy, my buddy. I feel like I’m letting him down. People give sound and friendly and useful advice, but no one is in my shoes, it’s my decision, my responsability, my heartache. I’m not putting him for sale right now, but some of my friends in the industry are keeping an eye open for a good home. Should a really great one line up, I’d let him go. Sad, sad times.


2 thoughts on “Playing for keeps

  1. When my son was born, I had no time for anything. I put my equine partner up for sale. He went to a very good home. It was very difficult. Like you, I purchased as a two year old. he was now seven and a great riding partner. The gal that purcahsed him suffered a stroke birthing her second child. Horseback riding was part of her rebab threapy. Now this child was off to college. I liked her right off the bat. I think I just had this gelding in safe keeping until Valerie showed up. She was the one. They ended up in People Magazine in an article about Tom Dorrance. The best compliment I ever received was from Tom through Valerie. “Someone has put a lot of time and love into this little horse” He tought Dragon to lay down in 15 mins so that Valerie could get on. It was very difficult to for her to mout without a mounting block. Finding a rock or something suitable help get back on trail riding was sometimes not an option. Let’s face it, sometimes you have to dismount on a trail ride. 🙂 Dragon was a bit small for me. He only grew to be 14.3 but he was perfect for Valerie that probably weighed 90 pounds soaking wet.

    I had no time and no baby sitter. So I made the best choice for the horse. It was 10 years before I purchased another horse. I rode other people’s horses, just not the same. It’s great that you can turn him out for the winter and check in from time to time. You have put the time in, it will all “be there” in the Spring. My husband is not a horse person either. However, after 10 years of me being horseless ~ he figured it out. I will never live without a horse in my life. I will be that old lady that spends her pension on hay and carrots. I hope you get to keep Dandy for a very long time.. You belong together. Just manifest it




    1. Thank you Deborah for the kind words, they mean a lot !! Dandy is still with us, and I hope for the long, very long run. My husband and I have found an agreement that seems to work for all of us (Dandy included). He’s my “heart horse” and I hope he’ll grow old with us, and be my daughter’s horse in the future as well. Thanks again for your kindness, please be that old lady with the carrots when the time comes 😉


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