Post chiro : lighter work for a few weeks….

dandy15oct16-01Lately Dandy seemed to be very bother going to the left. So bothered that I had to call a chiropractor to the rescue. She came on Oct 18th, and did find his pelvis apparently stuck from quite some time, and the whole topline contracted as a result. She worked her magic on him and he’s supposed to do much lighter work for about 3 weeks…

dandy18oct16-01That’s him post the chiro session. That was quite agitated at times as a mare crossed the arena that Dandy found totally irrestistible. Overall he was a good boy though, but when he became frantic I was so happy to have some very spolid groundwork to fall back upon to reclaim his attention. We’ll try a really relaxed and easy session tomorrow, stay tuned for any improvement report !


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