10 months in, and a great little session

dandy18dec16-012016, to a lot of people, wouldn’t be considered like a very good year…

After all, we lost David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, and a bunch of other really neat artists. The war in Syria has grown to hights of atrocity we didn’t suspect were possible, and the world has been more than a little challenged in quite a few ways. 2016, however, was a wonderful year for ME. In late 2015 I decided to rehome my sweet Crusado “Joli”, and throw myself in the crazy venture of starting my own colt.

Joli24Mai15-05Joli, a few months into his training with me

Dandy joined my life on Feb 28th 2016, and the nearly 10 months that have gone since have been the most exciting time I’ve ever had, in equestrian terms.

dandy18dec16-03Friday’s session was very hectic. Today, Dandy was excellent. All worry seemed to have left him, and he was focused and willing. Schooling went great. And the spin is really coming along ! We worked on steering, bending, “opening up” at the lope, stopping, backing up, softening, and the all important mastering the scary spots.

dandy18dec16-02Being on vacation I hope to be able to visit him a few times again next week. Stay tuned !


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