2017, Day 1 (and a little talk on gratitude)

dandy01jan17-02And so today Dandy further got acquainted with his new home

Think first day of the new year. In my case, that means sleeping in, lazying in bed well after you’ve actually woken up, taking the time to enjoy the fact you’re warm, healthy and safe, with a roof over your head and loved ones under said roof. I mean, so many people in the world live in way lesser conditions, that it is worthy to appreciate and be grateful for everything we have. It’s a little bit like horsemanship, you know, we often bitch about what the horse does wrong, but forget about everything he gets right. My coach and friend Daniel Dauphin of Dauphin Horsemanship calls it “seing the tree but not the forrest”. I see a majority of people being guilty of this, not only with their horses, but in life. Hunger in Africa. War in Syria (and I mean WAR, with bloody little kids and bombed hospitals, the works). Terrorists attack all over the globe. And the stupidly banal but nonetheless brutal car wreck, with its terrifying circumstances (all the sudden, you can’t walk, or are missing an arm). Etc…. (it goes on and on, doesn’t it ?). I saw a lot of people poo-poo 2016 these days. It seems fashionable during the last days or even weeks of a year, to shit on the whole thing and tell how terrible it’s been. Oh really ? What, one of your favorite popstar died ? Sad, indeed, but hey I’m still super grateful for 2016. Yeah, I’ve been unable to find a job for nearly two years, running dangerously out of money, having to learn and entirely new job with the only perspective of production plant work for minimum wages. That ain’t exactly a very joyful prospect, and yet, I’m immensely grateful for everything I still have (oh man, maybe that should have been a Thanksgiving post instead ? Dang, we guys don’t do Thanksgiving here). So anyway I woke up this morning thinking about all the really cool stuff going on in my life, and loving every bit of it. And being the owner of that awesome little Paint horse sure is one particularly loveable bit. I switched my phone one and BAM ! got a sweet message from Jenn, the young but very dynamic boss of our new boarding place, telling me that Dandy was doing well, getting closer to the herd, and had probably been able to lay down to sleep last night. First fine news of 2017, so far, so good πŸ™‚

dandy01jan17-09First pic I got from Jenn this morning, Dandy having his first breakfast of the year

Then I went about odd things in the house, and shortly after I received another bunch of pics, including this one :

dandy01jan17-01Jenn had removed the “bossmare” from the herd temporarily so Dandy could meet the others and access the common hay pile….

Later in the day we went to pay a visit, and found him hanging around the “herd”, not allowed to go in very close yet, but not too far either

dandy01jan17-08You can spot him there, to the right and back some

dandy01jan17-07Here Rosy the bossmare is looking crossly at Dandy standing at the back of the pasture to warn him not to come closer, while The Donkey (don’t know if he has a name, yet) hollers at us, donkey style. Eclaire the horse is standing very still and very neutral, in the middle; She used to be Alpha but has been taken over by Rosy due to getting older, probably…

dandy01jan17-06My boy was mighty happy to see me and he came as close as the bossmare would let him

dandy01jan17-03But soon she’d show up with a cross look and he’d just move. That’s the thing with horses, the one who moves the other’s feet is the boss

dandy01jan17-04He didn’t move fast, or worried, he just walked a little ways, leisurely

dandy01jan17-05I was able to pet him and he seemed happy about it

Then we headed to visit a local castle, and I promised to be back tomorrow for our first work session in the new place !

valenc%cc%a7ay17-02And yes, the castle visit was awesome πŸ˜‰


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