Where is my horse ?!?

And so, Mr Dandy is in his new place. Of course, as the newcomer, he’s been chased and bitten and kicked some by the current occupants, mostly by Rosy the “bossmare”, but on the second day she started to think chasing him around was tiresome as he kicked back a lot. She now mostly just pins her ears at him to let him know she’s still (slightly) outraged at his presence. In the meantime, he made friend with… a goat, and also peacefully ate side by side with the other equines.

dandy02jan17-07With his new goat buddy

dandy02jan16-01and able to walk around the herd without being chased away by Rosy

On his third day there I decided he’d have his first work session in the new environment, on the ground for starters. I went to pick him up and lead him to the “grooming and tacking space”, that is rather surprisingly set outdoors, and freely accessible from another pasture. Said pasture currently hosts another little herd, which was of course ALL too interested in meeting the new guy.

dandy02jan16-06The ponies walking up to Dandy to meet

In his previous life, such circumstances would have made him VERY worked up, even possibly upset.

dandy02jan16-05But his transfer seems to have worked some maturing magic on him, and he took the whole episode pretty serenely…

dandy02jan16-03Athena the Shetland pony is small, but quite full of herself, she was not at all intimidated

Dandy has always been, like a great many horses, afraid of small spaces, and a little anxious at his surroundings. This time he squeezed through tiny (and totally unknown) gaps, pretty chilled and focused, as we made our way to the arena. We went through basic body control, he was attentive despite the cluttered environment. We walked the reverse route to the tying plate, and a he got a quick brushing, till he looked reasonably clean.


dandy02jan16-02And back to his pasture, all mellow and quiet.

I don’t know where the anxious, easily spooked, high strung colt has gone, but I don’t miss him one bit šŸ˜‰


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