Getting through the winter, one visit at a time

dandy08jan17-01My horse is having a ball. Life with buddies just is so much better

dandy08jan17-06I try to visit every 2 or 3 days, despite the foul weather, and get either a groundwork or riding session done.

dandy08jan17-02On that particular day we worked on the ground…

… And had a little spin bareback as well (this is addictive)

dandy08jan17-04When we’re done he goes back to his little herd, and seems perfectly content with this new arrangement

dandy08jan17-05On other days I pick him up from the hay pile

dandy12jan17-06Tim hie up outdoor for a quick brushing

dandy12jan17-03And we set out to ride

dandy12jan17-05That’s one of my favorite viewpoints in the world

dandy12jan17-04We had a good little ride in the mushy cold

dandy12jan17-06He’s lost his ugly hay belly and gone all trim and sexy again, yeah


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