Experimenting with the hackamore

Dandy12Fev17-01.jpgMister Dandy is going through the winter

He’s happy as a bee, hanging out with buddies and a special girlfriend, munching on fresh hay and generally living the life. About twice a week and I’ll show up and work him some, to what he shows little enthusiasm but good spirit. We did quite a bit of bareback cruising around during the muckiest days, when everything was so grubby and wet you didn’t even want to handle a saddle or bridle, but recently I decided to go traditional and give the Californian bosal a try.

Quality bosals are outrgeously expensive. And I’m desperately broke at the moment (yeah, that has been going on for way to long to be even remotely funny anymore….) so I had to settle for what I believed to be a decent used bosal set, with genuine horsehair mecate. Turns out the bosal is too long (possibly low quality, I’m too clueless about them to even tell the difference) and the mecate is nearly ruined and falling apart in my hands. AND I’ve been fiddling with proper use of it and Dandy has done his part by trying to avoid the signal by doing what he does best, just dropping his head real low. After watching many instructional videos about proper bosal use I think I’m starting to figure out how to properly handle it, and set it up for optimum effectiveness despite being less than ideally sized, so fast forward to the purchase of a new mecate (in progress) and we should be getting better.

I’m also slowly wrapping my head around the concept of competing. Whoa, hold your horses, NOTHING fancy whatsoever, but I need to start getting organized to set this colt to some kind of horseshow exposure during the year. Or at least it’s the plan, stay tuned 😉


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