Happy anniversary to Dandy “myveryownJac” and myself !

dandy26fev17-01The same day, 28 february, of last year, I was picking up a very upset and very wild 22 mth old Dandy.

dandy26fev17-02This year, 2 days before our anniversary, we had the loveliest little bareback ride, with a perfectedly chilled and relaxed colt. Once I slipped off he followed me around and licked my hands like a puppy…

Things are tough on the financial front. I may have to trust him to the care of a good horsewoman friend for the coming 6 months, time for me to save a little money on board and not face bankruptcy as I am, now. I would have for him to be away, but it’s always a billion times better than having to part with him for good. That, my heart couldn’t take. That little horse has brought me, taught me, given me, so much over the past year, I can never pay him back. I love you Dandy, happy anniversary ❤


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