A long overdue update

More than 10 days without a Dandy update, and so much stuff has gone on I don’t even know where to start. I’m gonna try and use the available pictures by date to get a decent chronology out of the unused material.

Oh, maybe I need to start by saying I got a new saddle. I swap so often that the info could be totally irrelevant IF this one wasn’t there to stay. That statement sent my closest friends into a fit of hysterical laughter, and in all truth I can’t blame them. BUT, the new addition to the tack room is a masterpiece of saddlecraft, and the elusive “Graal” I’ve been searching for for years. Please meet the Continental Pullman 101 Reiner :

PullmanReiner101-01New price for those Pullman babies roam around the 5K mark, and needless to say I grabbed this used and an absolute bargain. Although I’ve gone through literally dozens of saddles in the past three years, I can reasonably safely say that the quest is over.

On March 24th, we had a good little session. Marla was there but considering the hectic quality of her filming, I asked her to shoot a few pictures.

Dandy24Mar17-06The soft face of my sweet natured boy

Dandy24Mar17-01Our forward has improved a lot

Dandy24Mar17-02And now the main aim is to lift his front end

Dandy24Mar17-03He’s always been quite soft on the bit, and has softened yet

Dandy24Mar17-04Engagement is better and he’s soft, but still tends to drop his head and the front end along with it

Dandy24Mar17-05I love the fact he has so much feel on the bit


He’s still not found of spurs, as you can see by the tail action


Dandy24Mar17-11I’m liking his attitude here

We’re still working on a lot of different things now. The stop is one, and it’s getting pretty darn good. With no sliders on and in rough dirt, he nearly always stops sharp, and in some cases engages his rearend enough to create drag marks


Neck reining, rollbacks, picking up leads, spins, are also on our list, and progressing well. As of tomorrow Dandy is going to be transferred to a board 3 minutes (THREE !) from my place, and about 6 from my work place, so I should get more opportunities to work with him.


Dandy24Mar17-08I love the soft eyes and quiet mouth. He’s at ease in his own skin

Dandy01Avr17-02At the end of the winter, horses can lose quite a bit of weight, especially young, still growing colts…

Dandy03Avr17-03April 2nd, getting ready for a trail outting

We spent nearly 3 hours on the trail, a party of 4. Dandy was extremly good the vast majority of the time. Despite a lot of cars, bikes, dogs, bridges, etc, he kept himself together remarkably well. At one point on the way back I thought he was losing the plot, but he self calmed within 3 seconds and came right back down. I think he got sore in his feet (being unshod) during the ride, and built up some annoyance due to both this and the temptation to eat all the fantastic grass we were walking on. During about 10 minutes he had jigging fits and had to be bent to a walk again and again.

Dandy03Avr17-01But a grazing pause changed his frame of mind from grumpy to blissful

Dandy03Avr17-02And the ride home was uneventful

To have a glimpse of the challenges this route holds, you can watch this few seconds clip


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