A little Dandy update

Dandy19Avr17-01About two weeks ago Dandy got his first “natural trim”

Dandy19Avr17-02We had a nice, covered and quiet place at disposition to get the job done, but the trimmer insisted on working in the middle of the busy courtyard, in the gushing wind. Go figure… Consequently Dandy was a little concerned at first, but overall he behaved beautifully, and the trim went great. Gorgeous little feet ensued.

Dandy20Avr17-03The horse is eating, loads, and putting some weight back on. Actually, he’s does a little yo-yo act these days. One day he’ll look fuller, the next week, skinny again. I suspect a bunch of growth spurts.

Dandy20Avr17-01The new stables being 3 minutes from home, and with a lot of warm, dry days, we’ve been able to get some good working sessions. He’s gradually getting way more comfortable with the new place and the “exotic” animals, so his focus becomes steadier, and we’ve made some worthy progress. Namely we got our first decent spins. I’d love to say it’s a done deal, however, it’s an on and off.business. We still have to improve and reinforce the maneuver, but basically, he got the concept.

Dandy20Avr17-02We worked in the snaffle a lot


Dandy30Avr17-02And started messing with the shank bit some. Here you can see him getting the feel of it just “doing nothing”


Dandy21Avr17-03Notice my kid monkeying on the fence in the background !

Dandy30Avr17-05Today, after a good, long session in the shank bit. Yesterday was very messy and fussy, today was slightly better. He’s learning to not fight the new mouthpiece, but it still seems to upset it at times, we need to stick with it. I find the spin way harder to achieve than in the snaffle, that really is king for all lateral requests !

Dandy30Avr17-04You may notice I have been using the same saddle for a few weeks now. And zero intention to change it (now, THAT is breaking news, lol)

Dandy30Avr17-03I feel we have reached the perfect balance in his life. We just need to hit the trails around the property and he will be really well rounded.

Dandy30Avr17-01We also plan on introducing him to cattle work, so stay tuned for more !


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