Estranged from my own blogs

Holy crap, I’m back !

Been trying to ad posts to this blog for weeks and the interface to do so had mysteriously disappeared !? Turns out I was just logged out of my wordpress account, without being aware of it. Hence, of course, didn’t have any kind of control over the site input. Geez….


So, what have Mr Dandy and I been up to ? Well, mainly we got introduced to cattle. Oh boy, that was a blast. That horse has pretty decent cattle bloodline on his sire’s side, his dad being a Peptoboonsmal grand-son. Granted, that is not a close generation, but the lineage is there, and I was curious to find out if it’d show. Short answer : it did.

Longhorn01Jul17-10At first we allowed Dandy to get familiar with the young cows. He was highly interested, but also standing on his toes and ready to jump out of his skin if they moved too quickly !

Longhorn01Jul17-15Then a buddy cowhorse stepped in to show him the way

Longhorn01Jul17-25Very soon he wanted to move them himself !

There is this crazy fun moment when riding a horse in cattle for the first time, and you distincly FEEL the horse SWITCH from fearful to assertive. The head lowers, the neck starts arching, the ears go flat on the skull and all the sudden you’re riding a predator of a horse who understands the POWER of MOVING these cows ! It’s CRAZY fun.

Longhorn01Jul17-26You can clearly see the transition here !



Longhorn01Jul17-28Hussling those little cowbutts around…

Longhorn01Jul17-31He really got the hang of it

Longhorn01Jul17-39And Sandra, the instructor, got to try him out as well

The next day was checking out heiffers in a pasture, then arena sorting work in the afternoon. He did great at both.





Altogether it was a glorious experience, with fantastic people, and I just can’t wait to do it again !





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